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The Elizabeth Fry Society

E Fry began in 1987 as a volunteer organization to provide opportunities for women who have been in conflict with the law to move forward with their lives. E Fry has been addressing systemic and individual issues for women as they face multiple challenges in their daily lives. E Fry has played a major role in advocating for the provision of programs and services, developing new programs and services and ensuring that individual rights of women transitioning through the justice system are protected. In 2008, the Order of New Brunswick Award was given to Marianna Stack, E Fry President for her selfless volunteering on behalf of women in the criminal justice system. In 2010 E Fry was honoured by receiving the New Brunswick Human Rights Award.

Since its inception, E Fry became well known for its committed service to women housed in the provincial facility in Saint John. When women were transferred to the New Brunswick Women’s Correctional Centre (NBWCC) in Miramichi in 2012, it became more challenging to reach and support these women. In 2014, E Fry partnered with Coverdale Centre for Women to visit women at NBWCC four times a year to offer support and services.

E Fry of Saint John continues its dedication to offering one-on-one and advocacy services for women in Nova, the Federal institution for women in Truro, Nova Scotia as well as programs and services to women and their families reintegrating in the Greater Saint John area.

About Elizabeth Fry:

In the 1800s, Elizabeth Fry played an influential role in reforming England’s prison system. In both her personal and professional life, Elizabeth Fry was a champion of women’s and children’s rights, and was a staunch advocate for prison reform. Fry became the leading expert in the humane treatment of prisoners in England and as a result, traveled the globe sharing her expertise on behalf of the criminalized and vulnerable.

It is thanks to Elizabeth Fry’s vision that in Canada alone, there are 24 self-organizing Elizabeth Fry Societies dedicated to women and girls impacted by the criminal justice system and their families.

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