Get Involved

How would you like to help the women in our community? At EFry SJ, we have a multitude of volunteering options to best suit you, your interests and your skills! 

Please see some of our volunteering possibilities below: 

Good at asking for money?? Donations/Selling tickets?? Like working independently?

Help build resources so women can have the supports needed to make positive choices for themselves and their families. We are looking for people to work behind the scenes building relationships with corporate and private donors with a giving spirit and whose passions for community and individual change align with ours.

Do you like sharing stories? Enjoy having the luxury of working in your own time and place?

We are looking for people who get a buzz sharing EFry SJ and women’s narratives through social media. We offer lots of opportunities to use your imagination and creative talents through video, photography, writing. We invite you to capture the essence of our projects in which women tell their stories on twitter, Facebook, Website, Instragram, and more!

Do you love law and order? Would you like to help women who are scared, lonely, or need support in court?

Our Friends in Court program is looking for people who care about making a difference for vulnerable, marginalized, often criminalized women attending criminal or mental health court. You don’t need a special degree or any special skills—just a desire to help, compassion, an ability to listen, and 2 hours a week to spare during the day. 

Are you an entrepreneur—at heart or in real life!?!

Yes, EFry is starting a social enterprise—Shop for Confidence! Join the development team at the ground level and enjoy helping us build this business into a smashing success. Women we support will gain on the job experience, pre-employment skills, and a sense of empowerment by being part of the grass-roots and management team—all ingredients necessary for giving back to the community and successful reintegration!!

We love events, parties and fundraising!! Are you a detail person, loves organizing and making things happen?

Put your public relations and event planning skills to work now as a volunteer for one of our events: High Teas, Small dog socials, or Concerts in partnership with Symphony NB. You can help us as a one-time deal or join up for all the fun!

You can make a difference in the lives of New Brunswick women and their families! We appreciate your interest in our organization!


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