Our People


Executive Director, Judy Murphy:

Judy Murphy has been working tirelessly to bring voice to women and girls who because of their life circumstances are not easily seen nor heard. She has a strong belief in the power of community-based projects, opportunities for true collaborative work, and inclusivity to overcome barriers and obstacles to positive outcomes. Her work as an adult educator, writer, researcher, facilitator, and project innovator, supports vulnerable and marginalized women and girls to see themselves in new and fresh ways, tap into their strengths and sense of hope, shift the lens of how they see their world and bring new fresh thinking to problem solving.

She thrives by laughing and playing with her family, friends, co-workers, and furry companions especially in the outdoors. She loves teaching yoga, learning, playing with her camera, and being active year-round.

Efry’s Beloved Friends, Sam and Henry:

Every day at work, they greet everyone like their best friends. They are very good at knowing who needs a head resting on a lap for a pat. They quietly keep us company when the office seems chaotic and make the tough days seem better. They find great joy in the simplest things such as a dog treat, a hug, a warm spot to lie down in the sun, looking at what is going on outside the window, or curled in the most comfy chair in Our Space. And most of all they make us laugh and smile and create lots of Sam and Henry stories to share.

Board Of Directors: Executive

President of the Board, Wanda Cosman:

For 33 years, Wanda Cosman has worked at the Dr. V.A Snow Center senior’s home in Hampton, NB. She became involved with Elizabeth Fry Society when first introduced to the “Read Aloud” program by the co-founding member, Marianna Stack.  This allowed Wanda to become further involved with the society by volunteering her time in the anti-shoplifting program for 13 years.

Wanda’s hobbies include playing softball with the Hampton community and spending time with my family.

Past President of the Board, Denise Durette:

Denise worked at a hardware store throughout the 80s and 90s, while intermittently staying home to care for her children. Denise later opened a kennel focused on boarding, breeding and caring for dogs.

Denise volunteers with Efry because she’s a firm believer in helping her community. She also enjoys advocating on behalf of the marginalized and vulnerable- Denise has a strong sense of conviction and compassion.

When she’s not driving our women around or visiting NOVA, Denise can be found working in her garden or walking with her dogs; activities she describes as being relaxing and good for the body and mind.

Treasurer, Melanie Vautour:

Melanie Vautour has been working with women living in poverty for more than 15 years and has worked in the non-profit sector for 20.  She is passionate about social justice and working towards ensuring women’s equality and equity in our community, for all women.  She has worked in women’s economic development, women’s outreach and support services and building leadership abilities and opportunities for young women.  She is currently the Director of YWCA/Fresh Start Services in Saint John.  She became involved with EFRY to support their work in addressing the systemic barriers that further criminalize women.

If you happen to find her outside of “Our Space” on Waterloo Street, she is most likely spending time with her two grandchildren, curled up in her home library or trying to convince those around her to visit a galaxy far, far away on a star-fleet ship while finding their way to Platform 9 3/4!

Secretary, Diane O’Connor:

Diane is a retired middle school teacher, who now works with seniors. As a Coordinator for the Fundy Region of Go Ahead Seniors, she organizes events like wellness fairs and information/education sessions for the 50+ generations. Diane is a very busy lady!
Diane became involved with the Elizabeth Fry Society because Judy Murphy is a good friend and Diane saw the important work she was doing. Diane also wishes to give back to her community.

In her spare time, Diane likes to make jewellery, read mystery novels and play piano (when no-one is listening!).

Board Members:

Sandra Mitchell

Brianna Bourassa

Elizabeth Jarvie

Kate McLellan

Katie Stevens

Honorary Member of the Board of Directors:

Gregory Zedd

Gregory has an extensive background in the mental health sector, both as a professional and as a volunteer. Gregory’s contributions to mental health research in New Brunswick are deniable, as is his over forty-years of volunteering for numerous community agencies, such as the Schizophrenia Society of New Brunswick, the Saint John Boys and Girls Club, and the Salvation Army. Similar to the Elizabeth Fry Society, Mr. Zed is passionate about reconstructing the image of our community’s most vulnerable members.

Greg is married to his wife, Maggie, and together they enjoy their two puppies, Wilbur and Charlie, and love gardening and cooking.

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