During A Women’s Journey I learned to start changing little things over which I did have influence…. As these small changes started changing my dark outlook on life, I began to not feel tossed in the wind. I kept learning more about my responses to stress and how to respond them effectively. I learned so many positive things to help me, and help me help my family. In class we employed many things such as music, mantras and poems, stories to inspire, and yoga. All of which has a positive influence on my life. My journey also continued to improve my life, and I have some feelings now of being a positive magnet as small happinesses and good things continue to come my way.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. E Fry has been so kind, persistent, and caring. You made a difference in so many lives. The world need more people like you. I appreciate all the lengths and loop holes E Fry found to assist me in getting the results we hoped for! You never gave up and never stopped supporting me. Thank you!
(women who received one to one support)

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